Over the years I’ve found several books that have fundamentally changed how I look at engineering. That haven’t just taught me JavaScript or C++, but rather how to be a better engineer. They are (mostly) timeless, they won’t get outdated as easily as a manual for a specific language.

This is the list of those books, I’d love to hear it if you have more.

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The Pragmatic Programmer - A. Hunt, D Thomas

This is the book that brought me from junior programmer to a self-sufficient professional.

It outlines what’s important and what’s not about programming, how to spend your time to deliver maximum value, even how to think through really hard problems.

Most engineers I deeply admire have similar thought patterns to the ones described in this book. They work through problems the same way, and they are remarkably efficient and insightful in their coding.

This book is the next best thing to having an engineering mentor to learn from.

If you already know how to code, but are looking to bring yourself to that senior level, this book is for you.

I’m planning to write a full review of this book soon, complete with tips and things to look out for when reading it. Put your email below, so that you don’t miss it!

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Game Programming Patterns - R. Nystrom (@munificientbob)

This is one of the best-written programming books I’ve read. I love Robert’s style and all the love and care he puts in his work.

It covers most of the important design patterns in the wider industry, so I’d recommend this even if you’re not a games programmer!

The writing style is sharp, concise and to the point. The examples are relevant and beautifully illustrated.

Even though I don’t make games anymore, I still come back to it just for the pleasure of reading it. And you should too!

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