Note: Every link in this page is an affiliate link. This means that I get a small commission whenever you purchase anything using them. is, hands down, the best thing to have on my headphoones while I’m coding. It’s an endless suppy of (generated) music that is just fast enough to enhance my focus, but not so much as to distract me. The fastest (and most reliable) way to get myself in “the zone” for coding.

That’s it. It does one thing. But it does it so damn well.

The yearly subscription has paid for itself several times over in increased productiviy.

Upcase by Thoughtbot

It’s an amazing collection of free video tutorials and other resources aimed towards intermediate programmers.

In Their own words:

We’re not a bootcamp, we’re a finishing school. Become an experienced developer and take “junior” out of your title.

They are also trying to bridge that gap between beginner and advanced, they are what inspired this blog in the first place.

I didn't invent any of this stuff. I got most of it from reading books and asking people that are smarter than me.
Check out the books that helped me, and the tools I use every day.

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